Originated in China, this fruit is considered as ‘the green gold of Calabria’.

Favored by the Mediterranean climate and supported by the warm sun of Calabria, the kiwi has got a seasonality that goes from October to March. 

Although 2019 started with a 10% production drop, the quality remains excellent. 

The Italian/Calabrian Kiwi has incredible nutritional values and nutrients, such as:

-Ascorbic acid able to reduce cholesterol;

-Vitamins E – C – K … capable of strengthening the immune system;

-Diuretic and refreshing properties;

-Copper and iron wich, combined with other substances, give the fruit antiseptic and antianemic characteristics.

Sercom Italia takes care of providing the best fruits. We are able to offer fresh kiwis with different packaging and calibrations. It is also possible to supply ORGANIC Kiwis.
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