We consider Quality to be of crucial importance.
Management and staff are committed to give our customers confidence in all our products and services.
All of our producing partners operate according to several quality systems as the result of customers’ requirements, international and national food safety legislations and voluntarily implemented quality standards.
In our daily work, we seek the excellence to have our customers satisfied with the quality of our products and our services:

Quality, Services and products tailored to our customers

comply with the requirements of our customers
deliver safe and high-quality products are
our main objectives

Quality First

Sercom Italia’s experienced team combined with established long-term relationships with producers and processors can offer and oversee all aspects of technical and quality matters from source to finished product.

Tests and Controls

Our Technical Department can provide certificates of conformance or analysis on request. All analyses are undertaken at accredited laboratories. Standard testing includes pesticides, heavy metals, microbiology, nutritional and virology.

Customer Focus

Good experience and products knowledge enable our Technical Department to carry out, through assessment tests and targeted checks, valid monitoring programs directed at raw materials and producers in order to ensure the maximum safety to our customer.

Supply Chain Management

All processors are approved through audits. Sercom Italia holds quality and technical information relating to its supply bases that are regularly reviewed and updated. We operate an internal management system which covers product quality from source to the customer.

Sercom Italia has built a good reputation for quality and reliability, for innovation and for finding good quality solutions in our expanding supply chain.

Research and Improvement

Sercom Italia runs a program of continuous improvement in line with our customers’ demands. We are constantly looking for new products in order to increase our output and the satisfaction of our clients.


Sercom Italia holds the following Certifications:

Also, thanks to a collaboration with reliable and CERTIFIED PRODUCERS, we supply safe and sustainable FOOD INGREDIENTS, according to International Standard Rules set by the main Certification Bodies


We constantly research and update ourselves on Food Safety regulations and requirements in our country, in the country of origin and in final marketplaces.

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