Quality assurance & certified products

The key to our success is the careful research for products in the places of origin and in the most vocated areas for the production of each.

By choosing to collaborate with qualified, experienced and certified co-manufacturers, we ensure that all the products we provide meet the highest standards of quality and adhere to stringent food safety regulations.

Sercom Italia holds GFSI quality certifications which validate our dedication to maintaining quality control throughout the supply chain and providing our clients confidence in our offerings.

Quality assurance and food safety are integral part of our daily work for our customers.

All our products are subjected to rigorous analytical checks before and after production.

Confirming its commitment and the increasing attention paid to Quality Policy, Sercom Italia has implemented an integrated quality system through the application of the BRC & IFS schemes.

All our manufacturers’ sites are independently certified to the highest quality standards and where necessary they are also approved through specifically organized third-party audits. 

Sercom Italia has also adapted over the years to the different needs of customers, obtaining relevant specific certifications such as the Kosher.

In addition to being an FDA Registered exporting company for conventional products, we also operate in the ORGANIC sector with super positive results guaranteeing transparency in Organic certified supply chain adhering both to EU and NOP USDA standards.

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Certifications and accreditations

Strict and thorough adherence to our customers’ prescribed guidelines and protocols without deviation or compromise.