IQF Vegetables

IQF Vegetables

Quality, flavour, freshness

The best ingredients for your industrial project: sorted and harvested at the optimum time and quickly frozen to preserve their flavour, minerals, antioxidants and nutritional qualities.

We source high quality IQF Vegetables and Ingredients for the Industrial Food Manufacturing Sector, providing customers with an efficient service and a basic commitment to quality.

A range of both conventional and organic IQF Vegetables and Ingredients is available in various cuts, calibres and packaging formats (industrial and retail) as a rapid response to your demands.

Mono Vegetables and Vegetable Mixes to suit individual customer requirements.

The mono vegetables consist of a single variety while the Vegetable Mixes are a mixed quantity of vegetables. Both have multiple purposes: they are fast and easy to use in soups and many other recipes, indeed they are especially studied to considerably ease the preparation of dishes. You can choose among various sizes, these are some examples: chopped, whole, dices, slices, sticks, julienne, quarters.

Here are some of the IQF VEGETABLES we can offer:

  • IQF Artichoke
  • IQF Artichoke Bottoms
  • IQF Artichoke Hearts
  • IQF Artichoke with Stem
  • IQF Aubergin
  • IQF Baby Broad Beans
  • IQF Beetroot
  • IQF Bell Pepper
  • IQF Boletus Edulis
  • IQF Broad Beans
  • IQF Broad Beans peeled
  • IQF Broccoli Flower
  • IQF Brussel Sprouts
  • IQF Cabbage
  • IQF Carrot
  • IQF Cauliflower – florets
  • IQF Chickpeas
  • IQF Green Asparagus
  • IQF Green Beans
  • IQF Green Kale
  • IQF Green Peas
  • IQF Green Pepper
  • IQF Leek
  • IQF Lima Beans
  • IQF Mixed Vegetables
  • IQF Okra
  • IQF Onion
  • IQF Parisian Mushroom
  • IQF Potatoes
  • IQF Potatoes Fries
  • IQF Pumpkin
  • IQF Red Pepper
  • IQF Rhubarb
  • IQF Soybeans
  • IQF Spinach
  • IQF Spinach Leaves
  • IQF Sweet Corn
  • IQF Sweet Potato
  • IQF Tomatoes
  • IQF Vine Leaves
  • IQF White Asparagus
  • IQF Yellow Pepper
  • IQF Zucchini

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