Fruits juices and purees


Sercom Italia specialises in the supply of juices and purèes of various types both Organic and Conventional.

We provide a large variety of clear and cloudy juices, concentrates, NFC and purees from well-chosen red, yellow, citrus and tropical fruits not excluding vegetables purees.

As healthy and natural products, they are largely supplied to beverage manufacturers for the production of natural fruit juices, soft drinks, concentrates, syrups, flavored water as well as to the confectionery, ice cream and yogurts industry.

  • Concentrates juices
  • NFC juices
  • Single strength purèes
  • Concentrate purèes



Baby food fruit and vegetables puree in pouches, let’s create yours!

Thanks to accurate, attentive, and solid collaborations, along with the support of baby food manufacturing companies we partner with, we are capable of creating your recipe from the early stages.
Starting with ingredient selection, refining the formula to suit your target consumers and the target market, choosing and personalizing the packaging, all the way to filling the pouches and final shipment, we work alongside you every step of the way.