Always used as raw material for a large variety of productions (candying, maraschino, …) Cherries in SO2 represent one of our key products.

Thanks to the experience gained, we supply the best firm flesh varieties from the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe which keep their consistency after processing.

The cherries are available as whole uncalibrated or separated by sizes (18+ mm, 16/18 mm, 18/20 mm, 20/22 mm, 22/24 mm).

They are sorted when fresh and therefore processed. They are usually pitted and destemmed, but the varieties of final products are not limited to this.

See below the main types:

  • Whole cherries with pit and stem “Natura”
  • Whole cherries without pit and without stem (A and B grade)
  • Pitted and stem-on cherries for Maraschino
  • Whole & Broken cherries

Based on annual schedules and production forecasts, we are committed to building up year-round supply programs with our customers.

We go through the whole process from cultivation, until harvesting, processing, final packaging in 220 lt drums, and delivery.

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