Fruits in SO2

Fruits in SO2

The best raw material for your Confectionery elaborations

The clear majority of candied fruits found in the market have fruit in SO2 as a basic ingredient.

What SO2 is and why it is used

(Also known as Sulphur Dioxide or E220) used as a preservative owing to its antimicrobial properties, it maintains the appearance, juiciness, texture and shape of the fruit, preventing from rotting and extending the product’s shelf life.

We can count on a broad range of the best quality preserved fruits, which are produced and processed in modern and appropriate facilities.
Carefully inspected, the fruits are free from flies, insects and plant debris of any type and maintain their firm texture.
Fruit in SO2 represents the best ingredient to elaborate excellent and delicious preserved fruit products.
Main purpose: Candied Fruit, Glace Fruit, Maraschino, Confectionery and Cocktail production.

Here are some of the FRUITS we can offer:

You can ask for different forms, including whole calibrated, whole uncalibrated, halves, slices, dices, cups. Many specific cuts and sizes are available for citrus peel: strips, quarters, cubes.

  • Apple in SO2
  • Apricot in SO2
  • Cedar in SO2
  • Cedar peel in SO2
  • Cherry in SO2
  • Clementines in SO2
  • Fig in SO2
  • Lemon peel in SO2
  • Melon in SO2
  • Orange in SO2
  • Orange peel in SO2
  • Peach in SO2
  • Pear in SO2
  • Plum in SO2
  • Squash in SO2
  • Tangerine in SO2

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