Citrus & derivatives

Our position in the South of Italy, in the heart of the Mediterranean region, land of sun and citrus fruits, has allowed us to obtain and consolidate an important share of the market for citrus products and derivatives.

Sercom Italia, thanks to long-standing partnerships in the production areas, is able to source and move hundreds of tons of citrus in their various forms and origins every year.

Although preferring the Italian geographical area of Calabria, where the vocation for citrus fruit production is widespread, our purchasing extends over the entire Mediterranean area, ranging from Spain to North Africa.
We are able to supply citrus fruits in every possible way:
Conventional and Organic, as whole with peel and pulp, slices, half cut as well as the fruit peel into a variety of shapes which can be found as IQF, frozen or brined in SO2.

Not least is the production of citrus juice, which we export in considerable volumes to Europe and overseas each year.


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