Candied fruit, jams and fillings


…For traditional and innovative confectionery

As a superior ingredient for the confectionery industry, Candied Fruit features a brilliant and vibrant color, along with a distinct and unmistakable taste.

It can be found in a variety of shapes: whole, cubes, halves, quarters, slices, strips, cups, chunks, pastes and mixes. Many specific cuttings and sizes are also available for the candied citrus peel: strips, quarters, cubes, discs.

Multiple application possibilities: bakery, production of Italian Panettone and other traditional leavened products, pastry, cocktails decoration, mustards. Ideal to garnish cakes, pastries, ice-creams and sorbets, chocolate-based products.

Jams and fillings

Try our exquisite line of jams, marmalades and fillings crafted from citrus, orchard-fresh produce and red fruits. Perfect for enhancing the delectable garnishing of pies, croissants, and brioches both for pre-oven and post-oven filling.

Elevate your creations with our tailor-made products, crafted from your unique new recipes or any already consolidated in production.

Our jams, marmalades and fillings are always meticulously sourced and designed in collaboration with our clients to ensure they achieve the ultimate results, whether in a jar or intended for enriching your products.
All our products are available in neutral or branded jars as well as in bulk (basket or food grade tankers for industrial use).
Experience their flavor and quality with our customized offerings.


Produced from premium grade fruits by osmotic drying.

The products are carefully dried to a specific moisture content to preserve color and flavor, and slightly oil sprayed. No preservatives, flavorings or colorings are added. The infusion is carried out by using sucrose syrup, apple juice concentrate or fructose-glucose syrup (in the latter two cases, products may be labelled as sugar free).
The perfect ingredients to enhance muesli, cereal mixes with fruits, biscuits  or chocolate bars.

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