Reliable top-quality products

Sercom Italia has drawn up an offer containing a broad list of ingredients, raw materials and semi-finished products, intended for the Food, Beverage, Bakery, Diary, Ice cream and Confectionery Industry, without excluding other numerous and varied application possibilities.

It is part of our commitment to supply products which respect people and the environment.
We do provide ingredients for Baby Food preparations as well as simply Organic ingredients for greener and healthier projects and applications.

  • Unlock all the possibilities you have to create!
  • Specialty produce created and guided from concept to delivery.
  • Many companies already chose us.

Further than providing stability for products that are widely used and have already been consolidated by our customers, we go beyond that. We actively engage in specialty produce, which means the creation of new ideas, initiation of new projects, and development of innovative products with new ingredients. These are designed along with our co-manufacturers to meet the needs and goals of each company that chooses us. 

Our approach involves working harmoniously with your own R&D departments to gain a deep understanding of your unique requirements, study your every need in detail, and support your purchasing and procurement plans. 

Our services have already been chosen by many renowned companies for the research and the creation of ingredients for their new recipes that have become flagship products for their brands.